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Pray together. Read together.

Find hope together with Christ.

A summer reading journey that’s all about Jesus.

This summer spend time together – and offline – learning and reading about the gift of the Gospel.

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This summer, we don’t want more screen time. We’re all feeling burned out on doing online events. The idea of a summer filled with phones, television, and more screens is not ideal. While screens and other technology can connect us to others worldwide, we’re ready for something different. We’re ready for an authentic togetherness.

Reading is a well-documented and studied way to benefit yourself and your children. It can help connect to one another and grow together. When we spend time together learning about Christ, we find hope, joy, and peace no matter the circumstances. This summer, join CPH Reads, a program that will reward your family for reading together about the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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Family reading together - CPH Reads


Log 1,000 points between June 1, 2021, and August 13, 2021, to be entered to win some awesome prizes!

Fire HD Tablet

Grand Prize Winner

Fire HD Tablet

CPH Bibles

Runner Up

Your Choice of one of these CPH Bibles:
Portals of Prayer Devotional Bible
The Growing in Faith Bible
The Enduring Word Bible

CPH Bibles

Additional Winners

1-Year Subscription to your choice of:
Happy Times
My Devotions
Portals of Prayer Pocket Size

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