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God’s Word Changes the World—and you.

Welcome to a reading adventure that’s all about Jesus.

It is always a good time to relax and explore God’s creation. But don’t forget to spend some time discovering new things about Him too!

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We’re all looking for a ways to keep children entertained and learning. We know many children tend to experience learning loss, losing gains they may have made in reading, math, and other subjects during time away from their traditional classroom.

With CPH Reads, you don’t have to worry about missing out on fun or losing achievement gains! With easy to access lists of Christ-centered books, children can self-select the titles they’ll enjoy most while keeping up with their reading skills! But it’s not just for kids: adults can read and earn points, too.

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Reading Lists


Log 1,000 points by August 13, 2021, to be entered in to win a prize.

Grand Prize (one winner)
Fire HD Tablet

Runner-Up Prize (five winners)
Choice of CPH Bible:
Portals of Prayer Devotional Bible
Growing in Faith Bible
Enduring Word Bible

Additional Prize (ten winners)
One year subscription of your choice:
Happy Times
My Devotions
Portals of Prayer pocket size

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